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Boris ‘duplicitous’ on Estuary Airport

20 October 2009

Thames Estuary Airport Feasibility Review

MP Derek Wyatt has hit out at claims by London Mayor Boris Johnson that he has no “aspiration” to build a 24-hour airport in the Thames estuary.


Johnson told a meeting of the GLA Transport Committee: “I do not have an aspiration to construct such an airport. What I think it is right for us at the GLA is to look in a progressive way at all the possibilities for aviation capacity around London. And that is all we are doing.”


This statement was made despite the fact that the Mayor has created a steering group to look into the proposal in more detail on recommendation of a preliminary report published yesterday. The Oakervee Report, which itself cost £10,000, calls on the Mayor to fund the new panel to the tune of £10m.


Derek Wyatt said: “The Mayor’s actions are completely incongruent to his words today. He has not commissioned expensive reports into any other options to cope with demand for air travel, so it is clear that he strongly favours the Estuary plan.


“He has also packed his new £10m Steering Group with people who agree with him, like his deputy Kit Malthouse and Bridget Rosewell, who has recently set up a consulting company with the author of yesterday’s shoddy report.”


“At best the Mayor, the most powerful Tory in the country, seems to be confused on this; at worst his comment today amounts to duplicity. To be charitable, he certainly seems to be confused as to where his remit and authority ends, and on whose property he is seeking to build on.”


“I will continue to fight this ludicrous scheme for as long as I represent the people whose lives will be made much poorer if it comes to fruition.”




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  1. The full Oakervee Report can be found at:
  2. The webcast from today’s Transport Committee meeting can be found at:


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